Efri góms mátskeiðar (L) Tray Aways® 12 stk

Tray Aways® mátskeiðarnar er frábær kostur fyrir þína stofu. Hægt að nota hana fyrir hefðbundin mát sem og implönt. Stöðug og með góðu gripi þannig að mátefnið haldist á sínum stað. Gæða vara á góðu verði.

Tray Aways® Disposable Impression Trays are THE original plastic tray! Updated throughout the years, used not only in dental but also implant. Earned its place in your office.
Tray Aways® are the disposable impression trays of choice suited for use with alginate or other types of impression materials where detailed reproduction and dimensionally-stable results are vital. Made from rigid, high-impact styrene, Tray Aways® assist in generating a consistent, unsurpassed impression free of distortion or bite through. Smooth, rounded edges, interior retention slots, and vertical perforation enhance material retention. The best value on the market.

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